The First

Hello blog world! It feels very 2008 to be starting a blog, but here we are. Welcome!!

I've been wanting to build a website for years. When this idea was just an egg, it was simply a place I could throw my paintings up for friends and family, and the odd person who wanted to know what I was doing. Maybe even buy one? 

Then a couple years ago I started making patterns. Just for fun, to scratch an itch. I shared some on instagram and people seemed to like them. My egg of an idea grew. What if I could put my patterns on actual products?

(Jesus this is dull. Bear with me, I'm laying the groundwork here. Finding my blog legs.) 

Anyway, the website snowballed, and now here I am, launching what I hope will be a full fledged business. It's been so fun coming up with designs and products! Less fun figuring out all the technical and businessy type shit, but I persevered and damn if I didn't grow a bunch of new neural pathways in the process!

If you've made it this far, thank you. I'll be popping on here from time to time, to entertain you with my wit and share updates on the site, my business, and GIRLBOSS life bc apparently thats what I am now? Oh! And I hope to share the occasional tutorial, art tip, and lesson about starting and running a biz. 

Stay tuned and thanks for being here. 


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